Fall Advocacy and Activity Updates

With the start of the 2021-2022 school year, our members testify biweekly at Anchorage School District assembly meetings, advocating for the implementation of the Anti-Racism and Instructional Equity Policies passed earlier this year, the recruitment and retainment of teachers of color, and the administration of curriculum plans with history that encompasses the stories and viewpoints of all groups in History.

Subcommittee Work

The Education Committee also has several subcommittees intent on advancing interests of underserved groups in the community:

  • The Research and Planning Committee focuses on strategies for engagement with ASD board meetings and hosts many guest speakers to talk about their involvement in Anchorage and different groups that may be beneficial for us to partner with.
  • The newly-formed BIPOC Parent Voices Committee works to bring students and families of color to testify at the ASD board meetings so that the lived experiences of those in our community who are often unheard are given a platform. With the help of United Way, we hope to make a profound impact on the testimonies that are given at board meetings and continue to fight for educational equity.

Community Conversations on Education

Finally, the Education Committee is also focused on supplementing the education of the wider community. Last Sunday, our committee hosted the Community Conversations on Critical Race Theory, implementing a panel series with a wide diversity of speakers. We hope to continue to host the ABC’s Community Conversations quarterly, so that we can provide our community with a toolkit to dismantle the systemic racism in education and educate them on ways to become involved.