Empowering Education

The Alaska Black Caucus Education Committee continuously strives to enforce the Anti Racism & Instructional Equity Policies, building equity in curriculum & opportunity while  fighting for the wellbeing of the students and the Anchorage Community as a whole. 

One of the committee’s most important goals, the recruitment & retainment of Teachers of Color, took center stage this November. Members testified in support of demanding fair contracts for all Anchorage School District educators at both the biweekly ASD School Board and Municipality of Anchorage meetings. As teachers pave the way for the personal and professional growth of our students, their efforts deserve to be honored, and the Education Committee will continue to advocate for teaching contracts and will seek out a further relationship with the Anchorage Education Association through our members. In the meantime, the Committee will brainstorm additional ways to boost teachers’ morale, looking to utilize the teachers within ABC and in the general community, further expanding on the goal of making connections.  

BIPOC Parent Voices: Subcommittee Report 

The BIPOC Parent Voices Subcommittee has taken concrete steps toward achieving the  goal of empowering BIPOC students and families in their ability to share their lived experiences. 39 youths who participated in the Bettye Davis Youth Leadership Summit, with parent permission, were registered to participate in the BIPOC Parent and Student platform. These sessions were extremely beneficial for both parties, creating a safe environment for brainstorming ideas on outreach and advocacy. These students were also awarded gift checks and other certificates under the terms of the BIPOC Parent Voices Grant. In the same vein of creating ties to other organizations in the community, the Subcommittee invited our students to apply to the Youth Matter Grant coordinated by the Anchorage Youth Development Coalition. The BIPOC Parent Voices Subcommittee will continue to inspire and enable youth to grow their confidence in multiple realms, including community service. 

Looking Ahead

As the Alaska Black Caucus Education Committee moves into the Winter season, this  time is being used to not only enjoy the holidays, but to continue to push the needle on issues that are important to the wellbeing of students. In the process, the Committee is taking time to be grateful for the ability to enact change and elevate the voices of others. Plans are being put in motion to foster a sense of togetherness while staying vigilant in learning and growing.  Committee members are spreading awareness via social media campaigning, empowering parents and students with the tools they need to hold ASD accountable for ongoing issues. 

In collaboration with the wider Alaska Black Caucus, the Education Committee will be involved in the Bold Community Holiday Project. As literacy is an important metric that can create bonds between families and inspire students to explore education, the Committee will focus on infusing elements of literacy awareness in this event. While the Education Committee continues to watch new projects bloom, like the BIPOC Social Media Campaign, there is also member involvement in other organization events. Several members will join the Alaska Writing Project at The Anti Racist Writing Workshop this December. In this way, the Education Committee will use the spirit of the holiday season to forge ties with others in the community, making connections that will last into the New Year and beyond!