ABC’s Mark on Healthcare Advocacy

On Friday, February 11, 2022, Jacki Oliver, B.S.W., M.A.E.L. attended and actively participated in a Healthcare Advocacy Panel for the Alaska Pharmacists Association, ISU and UAA.

Pictured left: Senator Cathy Giessel, AK Senate President; Pictured Right: Jackie Oliver,
Assistant Program Manager – COVID 19 Grant, The Alaska Black Caucus; attending AKPhaA
Annual Convention)

Hosted at the Hilton of Anchorage, it sponsored a 6 hour informative event, that provided insight from top students within various pharmacy programs, current and former House and Senate Representatives for the State of Alaska, as well as hosted Jacki, as panelist, representative of The Alaska Black Caucus to speak on the call to action to address the disparities within the communities as it relates to Pharmaceutical access, the Black Community and how Pharmacists can appeal to their legislature to move bills aimed to towards bettering the community.

Topics such as knowing your decision makers, leveraging those existing collaborations, as well identifying the legislative process and furthering current litigation on the floor today were discussed during the event. Great conversations were had, and key information was expressed in hopes to move the needle towards more conversations and collaboration between The Alaska Black Caucus and the Alaska Pharmaceutical Association.