The Ongoing Fight for Justice

APD Bodycam Policy: The Justice Committee has been working with the ACLU of Alaska and other partners on reviewing and analyzing draft APD policy regarding implementation of body cameras. The bodycam working group has drafted a letter to the Public Safety Committee of the Anchorage Assembly highlighting concerns with current policy:

  1. No commitment to release video footage when an officer kills, shoots, or uses excessive force on a member of the community; 
  2. Insufficient privacy protections for video that is released;
  3. Policy provides officers too much authority to stop recording;
  4. Lack of clarity regarding officer discipline;
  5. Lack of clarity regarding video retention.

The working group presented these concerns to the Public Safety Committee on November 3, 2021. It was announced that another public session with APD and the Public Safety Committee would be scheduled. The Justice Committee and Allies are still waiting for notice that this public session has been scheduled. With the resignation of APD Chief McCoy the implementation of body cameras is even more uncertain. Stay tuned.

COVID in Alaska Jails and Prisons: The Justice Committee is organizing a project to inform those in the custody with accurate information regarding COVID-19. A committee of Herlamda Hampton, Edwenia Brown and Rich Curtner will collaborate to create a COVID “tool-kit” for distribution to those who are incarcerated in Alaska jails and prisons.  

Redistricting Board: Every 10 years, after the Census is completed, each state must draft voter district maps for use for the next decade. Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 prohibits an electoral practice or procedure that minimizes or cancels out the voting strength of members of racial or language minority groups in the voting population. The current redistricting maps under consideration diminish the voting strength of BIPOC communities in Anchorage. The Alaska Black Caucus will be involved in future litigation on the voting rights of everyone in our communities. We will keep you posted.