Fighting COVID-19: Grant Power

The Health Committee is working to implement projects associated with the Municipality of Anchorage COVID-19 Community Funding Program grant.

Community Events

Projects funded by the MOA’s COVID-19 Community Funding Program grant include a series of monthly Community Conversations on topics related to COVID-19 vaccination, recovery, and racism-based health disparities. The ABC is also excited to host Grand Rounds for the local health care workforce and trainees on topics including the history of racism in medicine, race-based medicine, and trauma-informed care.

Establishing the Alaska Black Health Care Provider Directory

ABC Allies for Change volunteers are working to publish the Alaska Black Health Care Provider Directory. There is evidence that patient-provider racial and ethnic concordance (Black providers seeing Black patients) can be beneficial for BIPOC patients and improve health outcomes. However, it can be hard for Black patients to see a Black provider. One problem is that the health care workforce does not reflect the demographics of the general population. Another challenge can be finding Black providers in the community. The Alaska Black Health Care Provider Directory will create an organized resource to help individuals more easily connect with a Black provider.