Celebrate Diversity Month

April has been recognized as Celebrate Diversity Month. It’s a time to remember, honor, and recognize the power within unique cultures and backgrounds. Today, we live in a world with infinite possibilities and resources to learn about the cultures and people around us.

Although, for some people, having a discussion about diversity may be difficult or awkward in the beginning, don’t be afraid to have these conversations. Having these kinds of conversations can help reduce social stigma and give you an opportunity to better understand those you are trying to build a connection with.

 At the Alaska Black Caucus, we provide our committee members, partners, and community members with a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment. Our mission is to actively support and work in areas that help advance the educational, cultural, political, and economic well-being of the African American and the BIPOC (BlackIndigenous, and People of Color) communities. 

HB357. We understand the importance of community unity through empowerment, encouragement, and support. In the Mountainview community, they have recognized its member Insook Baik. Insook’s admirable passion for community services exemplifies unity, support, and hard work to make their community a better place. The Alaska Black Caucus has joined with the Korean American Community of Anchorage (KACA) and the Mountain View community in support of a meaningful recognition such as HB 357 to naming the Bragaw Street overcrossing of 6 Glenn Highway located in Mountain View in Anchorage to the Insook Baik 7 Bridge. 

HB312. Another piece of legislation to celebrate is HB 312, An Act relating to dress codes and natural hairstyles. As you are aware, history has shown that implicit and explicit prejudices against natural hair are deeply rooted in schools, workplaces, and society. Therefore, nobody should feel forced to change their natural hair. On the contrary, a person should wear their natural hair with pride and dignity. The focus should be on the curriculum for students or the quality of work of an employee. We wholeheartedly support this legislation that prohibits policies that have a disparate impact on natural hairstyles closely related to race.

Please join the Alaska Black Caucus to support these meaningful legislations HB 357, and HB 312. The links are listed below.

HB 312

March 14, 2022, ABC’s live testimony to the Education House