It’s High Time

This will be a busy month for the Alaska Black Caucus.

Anchorage Police Department (APD) Body Cameras. We have been waiting for the latest draft of the body worn camera policy for APD. As of March 31, 2022, APD has posted their final draft of the policy.

“Justice for Bishar” Rally. On April 1, 2022, at 5:15 pm, three years after the shooting of Bishar Hassan, who was shot and killed by APD officers on April 1, 2019, ABC hosted a rally at the parking lot at A Street and 16th Avenue.

Missed the Rally? Here’s what you missed.

Redistricting. The Alaska Black Caucus  joined as Amicus Curiae to a lawsuit challenging a proposed redistricting map that would combine house districts in Government Hill and North Muldoon with Eagle River districts to form 2 senate districts that would dilute the voter impact for those in the north Anchorage districts.  We won when the Alaska Supreme Court determined that the “Senate K pairing constituted an unconstitutional political gerrymander”.

Public testimony before the Redistricting Board is scheduled for April 2, 2022, at 10 am at the Anchorage Legislative Information Office to rework the boundary of Senate District K. 

COVID tool kits. The Alaska Black Caucus Justice Committee has completed “COVID tool kits” to provide those who are incarcerated upon their release back to the community. The tool kit includes face masks, COVID-19 home test kits and written information concerning how to stay safe during a pandemic. The tool kits will be ready for distribution in April.