Back to School, Back to Business

Greetings, ABC Members; this is Rhiana Gay with our Education Committee.

Our last three summer months have been packed and fun. As a committee, we have grown in size as we welcomed several new faces. In addition, our time was filled with community outreach through participating in United Ways’s Summer Book Bash, Fairview’s Back to School Drive, UAA’s Campus Kickoff, and our Community Conversations covering the topic of Ethnicity in Education. 

As we transition into the beginning of a great new school year, our focus will continue to be on our BIPOC students in ASD. We are also working on details of the ABC Teacher of the Year and our Bettye Davis East Summit. If you have a document or a list of all of our BIPOC Educators in the state, please email me at I have asked the Educator’s Union and the Anchorage School District, and both say they can not share this information. I am still working trying to collect data; any ideas or help is welcomed. 

Our next meeting will take place on Monday, September 19, at 6 pm on Zoom; please join us.

Meeting ID: 846 0933 9923

Passcode: EDU

Our Education team is very thankful for Brenda and Leroy. Their time and commitment to our community are endless. 

If you need anything, please let me know. In community service, 

Rhiana Gay