What’s Next: Black Alaskans Health Status Report

The ABC Health Committee and Allies Health Workgroup have been working with the ABC leadership and the authors of the Black Alaskans Health Status Report to respond to opportunities to share the findings from this first-ever study that was completed in June 2022.

Celeste was interviewed by the State of Reform Health Policy Institute in preparation for the 2022 conference in Anchorage in October where Celeste will be featured on a panel about Taking Action for Health Equity. Rei and Amana will be traveling to Boston to provide a poster presentation at the American Public Health Association annual conference. We are also working to identify funding opportunities to take the next steps from the findings of the study.

Given what we’ve learned, what health priorities do we need to act on?

We are working closely with the newly formed Grants Committee to secure funding for upcoming projects. We are also supporting ABC’s efforts to secure funding to complete renovations on the Equity Center, which will provide space for community programs to improve our health.

At our next two committee meetings we will be working with ABC leadership to decide on priorities for the fall and winter.