What is a Good Credit Score and Why Does it Matter?

In today’s society everything revolves around credit. Most people have heard of FICO (credit)
Score and it’s good to have a high credit score. So, what does this look like, how is it obtained
and how does it help you.

Your credit score determines your credit worthiness for financial institutions, lenders, and even
employers. Honoring your commitments and paying your bills on time, shows reliability. A lender
will see you as trustworthy and that they will get their money.

A healthy credit score means you will save money with lower interest rates for purchasing
(home, vehicle), car insurance and access to rentals.

Following are the credit score categorized into the following bands:
● Exceptional: 800 and above
● Very good: 740 to 799
● Good: 670 to 739
● Fair: 580 to 669
● Poor: 579 and below

Factors included in determining the scores include payment history, credit usage (how much
debt are you carrying), types of credit (home, vehicle), and recent activity.

Keep that credit score high, it’s money in your pocket.